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We are authorized dealers of Intelliplex/I3 DVR International security systems. We are certified in Image Vault Systems also. We offer a full line of products ranging from analog VCR components, Elmo and Visiontech cameras, to the very latest in digital surveillance technology.

The I3 Series Digital Video Recorder (I3 DVR) uses leading edge technology to help our customers decrease their shrinkage and increase their profitability. Our years of experience have enabled us to assist our customers in designing just the right system to fit their needs. The I3 DVR with a POS interface enables the customer to retrieve specific transaction information tied to the video without rewinding tapes and looking at hours of recordings. Remote monitoring makes any home or business computer an extension of your on-site system.

The I3 DVR model line is available in 30-480 frames per second and in 4, 8, or 16 camera configurations. Each I3 Series DVR comes with the capability to save a video sequence to a CD to be given to the police for their investigations, a CD that can be viewed over and over without losing the quality of the pictures. Many times a video tape has been played so many times before it gets to court that it is no longer usable. A single frame picture can also be sent to a floppy disk in JPEG or BMP formats. Connecting a printer will produce an immediate hardcopy print on site.

We would be happy to come to your site and discuss any security needs you might have. Check the following pages for more detailed information about the latest in digital security.


DM-V Digital Surveillance System


Stop Shrink at the POS

Imagine being able to retrieve precisely the video information that you want without wading through hours of tape. Look up the associated video archive generated by text (text insertion optional) from your POS system. View NO SALE(S), VOID(S), any PLU or Department key from a specific register…at a specific time…on a particular day. Watch beer or tobacco sales to make sure employees are age checking customers.

Review recordings with ease

A calendar format gives you an easy interface to select recorded times and select clips for playback. Simply click on the day on the calendar, choose the time of day, and click on the camera or cameras you wish to review.

Digital Video Motion Detection

Save storage space and review time with zone sensitive motion detection. Zone selection triggers recording only when motion is detected in that area. With adjustable sensitivity, you can custom define object size for detection. Makes standard cameras motion detectors.

Remote Multiple Camera Playback

View camera recordings individually or up to 16 simultaneously. Remote view live images over a LAN, WAN, or dial-up.

View Specs for i3 - 4400 Series Rack Mount DVMS

Specifications are in Adobe Acrobat Format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader please click on the "Get Acrobat" button to download it from Adobe's website.


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